Solar Power for Sri Lanka

The battle of solar power getting a progressive turn with “Soorya Bala Sangramaya” through which, for a 20 year period, under the agreement electricity can be added to the system. One million Families will be both consumers as well as producers while earning an additional income. One of the main ambitions is to empower 20% of low income families solar electricity generation while converting those families into electricity producers.

Turn your home into a solar power plant

Benefits you will receive

  • According to your selected options it will be possible for you to earn an income.
  • A 7 year repayment plan can be worked out from both government and private sector commercial banks.
  • If you obtain a loan for Solar panels you may repay the loan with the income generated from the electricity generated while earning an additional income for yourself
  • Any additional electricity generated within the 1st 7 years will be purchased at Rs.22.00 per unit and after the 7th year Rs. 15.50 per unit.


Benefits for the country

  • As the sun light is freely available, the foreign exchange spend on fossil fuels will be reduced.
  • Small scale solar power plants on rooftops are important to the balance of the electricity system as they are scattered throughout the island.
  • Since the generation occurs closer to the point of consumption, the transmission and distribution losses are minimal.
  • Small scale entrepreneurs also can join the electricity production which has been limited to the large scale power generation companies.
  • Since the small scale electricity generation system is scattered across the island, it positively affect the security of the electricity supply.
  • Inequality of income distribution of the county will be reduced since a large number of people are being able to get additional income being producers of electricity.
  • Ability to add 200 MW to the grid by 2020 and add another 1000 MW by 2025.
  • Ability to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO 2) emission from thermal power plants to 1,50,000 MT per year.
  • Ability to generate a large number of direct and indirect jobs with the awakening occurred in this fields.

First net accounting customer of Surya Bala Sangrama

We as JLanka Technologies is proud to announce that we have been able to create the first net accounting customer of Surya Bala Sangrama program.

Choose the best option according to your electricity consumption


Existing net metering system: the Customer generates electricity using solar panels fixed on their houses/premises and connected to the grid through net metering system. The consumer has to pay only for the net amount of electricity that he consumed. In this system, if that particular customer’s production exceeds his consumption, he can bring forward the balance and consume it in the months forthcoming. No fee will be paid for the excess electricity produced. The customer will be given the choice of using the balance electricity within 10 year period. (Net Metering)


If the generated units of electricity using the solar panels fixed on their houses/premises are greater than the amount he consumed, the customer will be paid Rs.22.00 per unit during the first 07 years and from the 08th year he will be paid Rs. 15.50 per unit. If the consumption is greater than he generated, the consumer has to pay that existing electricity tariff for the excess electricity consumed. (Net Accounting)


Getting paid for the amount of electricity generated using the solar panels fixed on their houses/premises. Unlike net metering method there is no linkage in-between the electricity consumption of the customer and the electricity generation. The customer has to pay for the electricity consumed according to the existing tariff. Electricity Board will pay for the total amount of electricity he generates. (Net Plus)

Join with us to empower your home with solar power

Units of Consumption
Monthly Electricity Bill
Additional Income
Return of Investment

Introducing solar loan schemes for LECO consumers

Lanka Electricity Company Limited(LECO) is introducing solar loan schemes up to 1 million for LECO consumers. Only the first 2000 customers will be selected, so apply now to enjoy this limited time facility.