A vision towards a carbon neutral future

UNICEF providing humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries also includes “Greening the Blue” dedicated to environmental sustainability. UNICEF is stepping up it’s efforts to systematically green the organization, including reporting and investing in sustainable energy and resource efficient facilities and operations. This also includes water, paper and waste management.


Producing optimum results under variable factors

Handling this project compelled us to utilize various methods of installations such as roof tilt and types. Our expert panel of engineers surpassed all expectations and produced optimum results under many technically challenging circumstances. JLanka Technologies ensured the structure was treated with utmost care and expertise to ensure a lasting and sustainable solution throughout. Following international standards for installation and structural design and a significant effort to reduce waste and pollution, JLanka Technologies holds responsibility in the complete project accountability and professionalism.


A satisfying solution for sustainable living

This system supplies more than 60% of the client’s total monthly electricity consumption ensuring the service delivery and quality of service. With the installation of a 33kW Solar PV System on the roof of its Colombo office, UNICEF Sri Lanka achieved a milestone on its way to “Going Green”.

Annual Environmental Savings

Bulbs Powered per day 136,800
Fuel Saved in l per year 13,253
system capacity 33 kWp

CO2 Saving Tons per year 18
Trees planted per year 60
Coal saved Tons per year 16

SolarEdge provides module-level electronics for solar power harvesting and monitoring for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar.


Trina Solar provides the highest standards of quality for PV systems with high-caliber production paving the way to become the first PV company to earn UL’s Client Test Data Program Certification.


Best quality products used to get optimum results

A system capacity of 33 kWp supplied by On Roof and On Steel Structure, made up of 114 x 290W Trina Solar Mono Crystalline and 2 x 17kW Solar Edge Inverters results in this system being capable of supplying nearly 100% of the facility’s day time electricity consumption.


Design Flexibility

The Solid Structural Design of the Solar PV System was done with the help of the latest structural engineering tools. Visualization and Simulation tools were used to gain a greater insight on the project for an efficient service and a quality delivery.

Performance Transparency

UNICEF has the ability to remotely access and monitor the performance and delivery of the Solar PV system via the monitoring portal provided by JLanka for the installed system. This guarantees 100% transparency and service quality for the UNICEF’s investment.

Quality & Reliability

Throughout the project JLanka consistently strive to deliver quality and adhere to international standards and instituting stringent quality control processes. The monitoring platform enable both UNICEF and JLanka to review the performance and the delivery of the Solar System.

Fast Installation

Complete engineering solution at the project site is installed by well-trained qualified professionals of the industry under the supervision of our international partners within a minimum time period.

Together we can make earth greener again

Let’s generate 100% Renewable energy in our country


This partnership ensuring our customers are offered the most advanced solar energy solutions worldwide.



This partnership in transitioning your business to solar energy ensures our customers with financial stability, lower operating cost and decrease in carbon footprint.



This partnership guides our customers in powering through to the next phase in utility scale solar, Soorya Bala Sangramaya Phase II.