Surrounded by nature by ensuring to reduce carbon footprint

12-manicured acres of eco-tourism beach resort comprising of 39 private retreats with numerous awards for this spectacular location that would make memories for a lifetime commissioned JLanka Technologies to install a solar PV system at the hotel premises cutting half of their carbon footprint.


Executing the project with minimal damage to the slab

Unlike the traditional method where we have to drill the slab and install the panels on a railing system we decided to make concrete slabs and install panels on top of that. Since the location is near the beach, we had to ensure the panels wouldn’t be damaged from the wind ensuring the concrete slabs were solid enough to hold the panels.


A premium energy solution that generates more energy than expected

With 250KW*120 panels installed the system is able to produce a daily consumption of 1KW hours of 120 units per day. However the system produces 140 units per day which is a big saving for Cape Weilgama. We at JLanka believe in going beyond expectation and striving to achieve the best for our clients, providing them with our skilled expertise and quality service.

Annual Environmental Savings

Bulbs Powered per day 125,000
Fuel Saved in l per year 12,000
system capacity 30 kWp

CO2 Saving Tons per year 17
Trees planted per year 54
Coal saved Tons per year 14

SolarEdge provides module-level electronics for solar power harvesting and monitoring for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar.


Trina Solar provides the highest standards of quality for PV systems with high-caliber production paving the way to become the first PV company to earn UL’s Client Test Data Program Certification.


A solar system installed with the highest quality products which can influence the energy output and adapt to any environment


Performance Transparency

Client has the ability to remotely access and monitor the performance and delivery of the Solar PV system via the monitoring portal provided by J Lanka for the installed system. This guarantees 100% transparency and service quality for the clients’ investment.

Quality & Reliability

Throughout the project J Lanka consistently strive to deliver quality and adhere to international standards and instituting stringent quality control processes. The monitoring platform enable both the client and J Lanka to review the performance and the delivery of the solar PV system.

A Solid Structure

The solid structural design of the solar PV system was done with the help of latest structural engineering tools. Visualization and Simulation tools were used to gain a greater insight on the project for an efficient service and a quality delivery.

Reduced O&M Costs

Increased system uptime and pin-pointed issue identification has enabled the client to reduce their maintenance costs with real time monitoring and remote troubleshooting abilities of the solution.

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Together we can make earth greener again

Let’s generate 100% Renewable energy in our country


This partnership ensuring our customers are offered the most advanced solar energy solutions worldwide.



This partnership in transitioning your business to solar energy ensures our customers with financial stability, lower operating cost and decrease in carbon footprint.



This partnership guides our customers in powering through to the next phase in utility scale solar, Soorya Bala Sangramaya Phase II.