Government Organizations

For a greener tomorrow

Consisting of a generation that would volunteer to make a difference in the world we are living, JLanka Technologies steps forward by introducing Solar power energy to Government organizations. This sets an example to the younger generation to gain knowledge on energy savings and to make the earth a greener tomorrow.


Going solar is global

JLanka Technologies pioneers in the solar industry helps export industries meet the green building standards (LEED Certification). This in return provides industries transitioning to solar a very high return on investment and a guarantee using premium hardware and materials that would last a lifetime of trouble-free service.


Take control of your energy cost and make more profit

You could reap the benefits of going solar within your manufacturing service by choosing JLanka as your solar service provider since our systems are not a one-time solutions. Our solar panels work independently and whenever your consumption increases, you could simply increase the number of panels according to your requirement. We ensure to go that extra mile to make your expectations a reality.


Empower your Hotel with sustainable energy

In today’s environment, going Solar for hotels would reap benefits in both short and long term. It would reduce the operational cost drastically and increase competitiveness and sustainability. Choosing JLanka Technologies as your solar energy partner ensures to design your system using premium hardware and materials to guarantee a lifetime of trouble-free service.


Working towards a carbon neutral future

With International organizations partnering with JLanka Technologies towards achieving their vision for a carbon neutral future by investing in sustainable energy which includes water, paper and waste management, JLanka Technologies guarantees high quality designs for your system by using premium hardware and materials to assure a lifetime of trouble-free service.


Making a difference by going Solar

The pioneers in the tea industry with over 40 years of experience in the tea trade stepped towards reducing carbon footprint and making an industrial example globally by collaborating with Jlanka Technologies towards a greener future.

Together we can make earth greener again

Let’s generate 100% Renewable energy in our country

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This partnership ensuring our customers are offered the most advanced solar energy solutions worldwide.



This partnership in transitioning your business to solar energy ensures our customers with financial stability, lower operating cost and decrease in carbon.



This partnership guides our customers in powering through to the next phase in utility scale solar, Soorya Bala Sangramaya Phase II.