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US & Europe Fire Safety standard solar solutions now in Sri Lanka

JLanka Technologies in pursuit of increasing integration, energy efficiency, environmental awareness, and technological advancements through its products and services is now advocating and empowering citizens on mitigating crisis and fire safety precautions.
“For the most part, the solar power industry is unregulated,” said the Technical Manager at JLanka, Channa Mudalige. “But there is a continuing upward trend for not just commercial users but for homes to opt for solar energy solutions and it is with this in mind that we’re now advocating and empowering them with the know-how on how to better prepare themselves in the event of a fire.”

As part of this unique initiative, JLanka hosted a workshop recently at the Kadawatha Arpico Super Centre. Invited to the workshop were firefighters and security officers from the same vicinity.

According to Nipun Silva, Safety Engineer of JLanka Technologies, SolarEdge offers a PV power harvesting system that consists of power optimizers connected to each module, a PV inverter and module-level monitoring. Additionally, SolarEdge systems have a built-in safety feature that reduces safety risks.
When power optimizers are connected to the PV modules, the modules continue in “operation mode” only as long as a signal from the inverter is constantly renewed.
In the absence of this signal, power optimizers automatically go into safety mode, shutting down DC current as well as voltage in module and string wires.
The SolarEdge system, with the integral SafeDC feature, ensures complete safety for firefighters working with PV modules, eliminates the risk of electrocution, and is the only inverter solution that is certified in Europe as a DC disconnect.



A solar power system protected by the SolarEdge SafeDC  Technology







Same solar power system without the protection of SolarEdge SafeDC Technology





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