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Gain environmental sustainability in its operations by installing a grid connected solar PV system

Jlanka – the pioneers in the solar energy industry in Sri Lanka tied up with UNICEF to work on their head office in Colombo The project had a unique design that incorporated BIM or Building Information modeling methodology that is a digital representation of the functional and physical aspects of a structure.

We strive at all points to set the benchmark by following international standards when it comes to project reporting and meeting methods. We encompass a team of home grown professionals who conform to the highest of international standards to deliver sustainable, holistic energy solutions in Sri Lanka.

We are proud to partner with UNICEF to aid them to stay in line with their ‘Greening the Blue’ Campaign, that is undertaken by the UN Environment Management Group (EMG) to coordinate the efforts of the UN to move towards climate neutrality. In the maintaining of their head office in Colombo, measures were taken to ensure that the structure remained green and sustainable in terms of its energy optimization.


Producing optimum results under varying factors

Handling such a project that compelled us to utilize various methods of installation due to the varying factors such as roof tilt and types, our experts delivered as only Jlanka can; surpassing all expectations and producing optimum results under such technically challenging circumstances. We ensured that the structure was treated with the utmost care and expertise to ensure a lasting and sustainable solution.

Adhering to international standards for electrical installations and structural design, with significant efforts made towards reducing waste and pollution during the project, JLanka Technologies was able to deliver on quality and efficiency in a manner that only we can; retaining complete accountability and professionalism.


A completely satisfying solution for a greener tomorrow

Our group of professionals with their highly skilled knowhow and experience ensured that the project was completed and delivered to the UNICEF conforming to their standards, completely satisfying their requirements. Solutions that were provided by a truly Sri Lankan company to ensure a truly Sri Lankan tomorrow; one that preserves its resources for future generations. An initiative undertaken with a truly environment conscious organization that provides a valuable service to our nation.

Carbon Footprint 17.82 Tons

Power Generation 33kW

Systems Used

Best quality products used to gain optimum results

The installation was of 33kW capacity comprising of 114 Trinasolar Solar Modules and 57 SolarEdge Power optimizers mated to power 2 Solar Edge inverters, This system is capable of supplying over 60% of UNICEFs monthly electricity consumption at their Headoffice in Colombo.

SolarEdge Technologies, global leader in the DC power optimizer market, provides module-level electronics for solar power harvesting and monitoring

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Trina Solar Limited is a global leader in photovoltaic modules, solutions, and services and a developer of downstream businesses.

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