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Sri Lanka’s first ever smart energy meter at The 2nd International Conference on Energy

The 2nd Annual International Conference on Energy – 2015 (ICOE – 2015) under the theme of “Advanced energy horizons-opportunities and challenges” will be held during 2 – 4 September, in Galadari Colombo. This event is organized by TIIKM and there will be a conference on Nano science and Nanotechnology – 2015 held in the same venue during this period targeting expertise and intellects.

The ICOE – 2015 has scheduled an excellent programme consisting of an Executive Round Table, an exhibition, special sessions, discussions, a social networking dinner, a cultural show and an optional post conference tour.

The main sponsor of this event is JLanka Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, the pioneers in solar electricity who introduced photovoltaic (PV) systems in Sri Lanka revolutionizing the solar power industry. A system that eliminated the traditional constraints encountered and became more customer oriented system.

Innovative local Products

JLanka has been engaged in a continuous process to introduce innovative products to that market not only in the area of solar power but also in the field of nanotechnology. The best of its innovation is the e-PRO1000, Sri Lanka’s first ever electricity monitoring and controlling devise which helps customer to monitor and control energy consumption especially large scale commercial industries.


The Smartest way to save money & equipments

e-PRO1000 saves energy cost by mean of intelligent energy management decisions that prompts consumers of the fluctuation in the critical electricity parameters. This helps in the healthy maintenance of equipments by identifying harmful levels of critical electricity parameters as it occurs and triggering an alert to your mobile phone instantly. This helps you to take preventive measure to mitigate the change leading to a healthy life span of your equipment without any interruption to your production and overall profits.

The miracle of cleaning

JLanka has placed its footprint in the arena of nanotechnology with its innovative product introduction – the Nano Super Shield, a self-cleaning agent for glasses using nanotechnology.

Nano Super Shield glass protection is invaluable to any individual or businesses that use and are responsible for the upkeep/maintenance of glasses in all forms. The formulations give significant protection from dust, dirt, bird dropping, traffic deposits, etc.

JLanka takes pride in sponsoring the nanotechnology and energy exhibition and invite member and participant to visit our stall during this exhibition to witness our revolutionary products and services.


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