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Now all Ceylon Electricity Board employees have the opportunity to purchase and fix Solar Energy PV systems at the roof tops of their houses with the loan scheme granted by the CEB board.

All you need to do is sit back enjoy the benefits for the next 25 years. Partner today with the leading residential solar provider JLanka Technologies (Pvt) Ltd and join the proud energy producers in our country.

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Eligibility for the loan scheme

  • Employees who are confirmed at the time of applying
  • Employees shall serve in CEB at least for the next two years under normal circumstances starting from the time of granting the loan
  • Employee or spouse shall be the owner of the house
  • 40% of basic salary limit of deduction shall apply

Details of the Loan Scheme

Special Loan Scheme for CEB Employees to Purchase & Fix Solar PV Energy Systems at their houses

Eligible Economic Activities

Purchasing of solar panels for households to transform from electricity to solar

Loan Amount



Rate of Interest

6% per annum

Period of Loan Repayment

5 yrs

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