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TrinaHome UPS

A solution to uninterrupted electricity!

We've all been through power failures and they're never any fun. Sudden loss of power and power surges are two of the principle causes of damage to computers and other sensitive electronics. Even cheap power strips will do a decent enough job protecting against the power surges, but they offer no protection against drops in line voltage, brownouts, blackouts, and other power supply issues. The TrinaHome UPS is the ideal solution to this issue.

Trina Home - Power back up to 8-10 hours

Durable and portable, the Trina home Off-Grid system provide the reliable energy when you need it where you need it. It is Ideal for a wide range of applications from emergency backup to daily use. In addition, it can be charged using a solar module as well to store green energy.

This highly customizable and available with a power range from 600W – 1000W, Trina Home can meet the diverse range of off-grid energy needs from emergency backup to daily use. The innovation system design integrates the inverter and controller into one unit, with no limit to battery capacity. The portable Trina Home systems are easy to use, install and operate.

Trina Home Solar UPS gives a huge power back in the industries

Various firms are practicing to connect their machines and other gadgets with the UPS. The main benefits observed by them is that even though huge power disruptions, it is not going to affect their work output. Beside this, it is also preserves the delicate parts of the machine.

Customizing to Your Different Power Needs

Data Centers

Data is an asset to the company, for which a company invests on networks and systems to manage and store data. These data could be lost if power interruption takes place and the result of the loss can be devastating. But we can assist you through with our most sophisticated Trina Home Solar uninterrupted power supply (UPS) customizing to your different power needs.

Health Care: Hospitals, Clinics and health care manufacturers

Health care industry is very dependent on power supply and it is a matter of life and death. Therefore an uninterrupted power supply is a must to these industries in order to deliver quality product and services, especially in the event of life saving machineries. Trina Home Solar UPS supplies power some of the largest hospitals assuring continuous power supplies to mitigate these unexpected interruptions.

Banking and Insurance

Most corporate companies namely banking and insurance depends on data to run their day to day business, churning data from the server to provide correct information not only to the management but to the customers too. The most devastating incident that could take place in this industry is loss of data which leads to massive loss in the revenue. Our specialized team can assist you with a customized integrated system to suit your power need that can run power up to nearly 10 hours. Leading banks and insurance companies have opted for Trina Home Solar.


Telecommunication industry is solely dependent on power supply to provide uninterrupted service to his customers, but guaranteeing 24 /7 power supplies is most unlikely event. Loss of power will lead to loss of customers and revenue. Trina Home Solar UPS is the best solution to make sure you have uninterrupted power supply which will safeguard your data, customer and your revenue.


Large industries which manufactures in bulk rely on continuous power supplies for their production. A halt in the production due to power interruption will be a huge loss to the company, thus opting for a uninterrupted power supply is the best choice. And it will be a wise choice to choose Trina Home Solar UPS, as we are specialized in powering up large industries. We contribute to your bottom line by provide customized uninterrupted power supplies.

Special projects

Having a corporate event? Want it to run smoothly without a glitch? You would probably miss out on the fact 'what if power fails'. This is a common mistake we generally make, but power supply to be uninterrupted is impossible. This is where we step in as experts with Trina Home Solar UPS which ensure your event runs smoothly even if power fails. Talk to us for customized solutions that will suit your needs.

Protection from uncertain data loss

During the uncertain power disruptions, Trina Home UPS keeps your data system in the running mode up to 10 hours so that you can save the precious data and shut down your system safely.

Emergency power supply

Trina Home UPS is an alternate power source which is reliable during the power spikes, and blackouts. In the case of long power cuts you can resume your work by using Trina Home UPS.

Protects the voltage sensitive devices from bad electricity

When it comes to the direct alternating current, most of the time, you're likely to observe the fluctuations in the power supply, which can ultimately lead to the degradation in the gadgets. Trina Home Solar UPS controls the power fluctuations and provides the stable output.

Provides surge protection

During the power outage, spikes and surges, the bad power supply is immediately detected by the Trina Home UPS. In such case, Trina Home Solar UPS stops the direct power supply and provides the stable power from its own stock. Hence, it saves the damage caused to the device due to the sudden interruptions in the power supply.

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