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JLanka Technologies at theNallur Annual Festival 2017

Nallur Murugan Temple Annual Festival 2017 commenced on the 28th of June will be continued consecutively for 25 days consisting of Religious rituals (poojas) taking place in the mornings and evenings. This festival gathers a large number of devotees, such as tamils, hindus of Jaffna origins living in foreign countries and foreign tourists who are visiting along with the local residents.

JLanka Technologies the pioneers in the Solar Industry will also be present with the latest technologies to be introduced to the people in the north towards a greener future.


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A brief history on Nallur Kandaswamy Temple

The historic Kandaswamy Temple stans at Nallur 1 1/2km from Jaffna on the Point Pedro Road. The temple was built in the 15th century, by Sanpaha Perumal the adopted son of Bhuvanekababhu, the king of Kotte, who led an expedition to the North and brought Jaffna under the suzerainty of Kotte.

Having established himself as the ruler of the Jaffna Kingdom, Sanpaha Perumal set about the task of building the city and erecting the temple. Then he appointed Vijayabahu as the ruler and returned to Kotte. After some time, the deposed king Kanagasuriyan attacked and drove away the invader, He and his descendants managed the Nallur Temple up to the arrival of the Portuguese.

The Portuguese defeated Sankili, the last king of Jaffna in 1560. The Portuguese General Philip de Olivera demolished the historic Kandaswamy Temple in 16210 the temple then stood at SANKILI thopu on the eastern side of the Point Pedro Road.

Important information on the Nallur Annual Festival 2017

  • Sinhalese devotees can stay at the Jaffna Naga Vihara pilgrims' accommodation facility which is offered by the Naga Vihara authorities. This pilgrims rest is located just near to the Jaffna Railway station and it can be reached by walking from the train station
  • Trains, luxury busses and mini coach are available to run between Colombo and Jaffna to transport pilgrims.
  • 46 seats Luxury buses and 41 seat semi luxury busses along with Toyota KDH and HiAce vans are running between Colombo and Jaffna. Seats can be booked in Wellawatte, Colombo and in Jaffna town.

Jaffna a city like no other – Ideal for Solar power production

Jaffna is located in one of the highest solar irradiation zones in the island therefore it is ideal for the production and manufacturing of Solar Power. JLanka Sri Lanka’s premier Solar Providers has established itself in Jaffna in order help their future growth with advanced next generation Solar solutions.

Improve your home with solar and get the maximum of this outstanding opportunity to extract power out of sun and brighten your lifestyle.

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