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Jlanka Energy storage system

“Save power & save your cash”

LakPower Hybrid solar systems

All integrated system

Stores energy to be used during peak time or power outage

Export excess energy to grid or import when needed

How does it function?

Jlanka’s pioneering approach to energy storage is now ready for your benefit! The system, comprises of a rechargeable battery which is been charged and reused when required. The Jlanka Energy storage system has 2 options,

Option 1 - The System is connected to a solar PV array. During the day time the solar energy of the sun’s rays is extracted by the Solar PV arrays and is used to charge the batteries. The charged batteries could be used anytime, during the day as well as during the night, as per your requirement

Option 2 – The system is connected to the National electricity grid. Through the power provided to your premises the batteries are charged and can be used anytime as per your requirement

Why move into a JLanka Energy Storage Sysytem?

Both the systems mentioned above are “Grid Interactive”. Therefore, the operator has the leverage to decide when to charge the batteries and when to use the charged power. Thus, you may charge the batteries during the day (Off Peak) and utilize the charged power during the evening (Off peak) or vice versa .Hence, no matter when you charge your batteries, they will act as a backup power system that can be used during power cuts or to control the utilization of power in your premises. Moreover, TOU (Time of use) tariff users can save their money due to the system operation

Key features and Benefits

  • Say good bye to inconvenient power interruptions
  • Power up using free solar energy
  • Exporting excess energy and save money
  • Help mother nature live GREEN
  • ZERO emission power source

System Integration

Book your free inspection and Say good bye to inconvenient power interruptions

Off grid system
Hybrid/Grid Interactive Systems
Grid connection System

System Operation

At Sunrise

In the morning PV-produced solar energy is used to optimize self-consumption; excess energy is used to recharge the batteries.


When the batteries are fully charged and the system already meets self-consumption requirements; additional energy is fed to the grid.

After Sunset

When the sun goes down, the system automatically consumes solar energy reserved in the batteries to meet household consumption.


If there is insufficient battery capacity to meet household consumption requirements; electricity is obtained from the grid.

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