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Special award for a Sri Lankan researcher on climate changes and practical solutions by JLanka

A special award from JLanka Technologies (Pvt) Limited will be awarded to a Sri Lankan researcher for producing an outstanding paper addressing the issues in particular to Health and the Agriculture sectors due to adverse climate changes and practical solutions that will stand a chance for implementation. Subsequently, the research work will go through an evaluation process and upon fulfilling the criteria set by the company, a grant in monetary value will be awarded by JLanka Technologies (Pvt) Limited for implementation. The objective of this pursuit is to recognize the talent that exists locally and utilize the resources for the betterment of the country as a whole.

The pioneer in solar energy industry focuses mainly on Agriculture and Health for the year 2017

JLanka, as a pioneer in the local energy industry, will be focusing mainly on the Agriculture and Health Sector due to the climate change within the country. Sri Lanka been an insignificant contributor to global warming is highly exposed to the impacts of climate change, which include droughts, floods, landslides and increase in temperature. This year JLanka is driven to make a difference to the nation by providing a helping hand to the most vulnerable victims suffering due to the climate change within the country.

Climate change impacts significantly to small scale farm production. Many farmers cope and even prepare for climatic changes minimizing crop failure through increased use of drought tolerant local varieties, Rain water harvesting, extensive planning, mixed crop, agro forestry, opportunistic weeding, wild plant gathering and a series of other traditional framing system techniques.

Observations of agricultural performance after extreme climatic events in the last two decades have revealed that resiliency to climatic disasters closely linked to levels of farm biodiversity.

Weather, climate change and associated health risks

The Sector Vulnerability Profile, developed to support the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, identifies five main public health concerns resulting from climate change.

New research shows how climate change, bringing hotter and wetter weather, is creating a more ideal home for these disease-spreading pests. Dengue transmission is sensitive to humidity and temperature..

The World Health Organization rates dengue as the most dominant mosquito-borne viral disease in the world as it’s incident rates have increased 30-fold in the past 50 years. There are no vaccines for it and the best preventative measures appear to be avoiding being bit by an infected mosquito. Dengue is now endemic to 100 countries, causing up to 50 million infections a year and 22,000 deaths, mainly among children.

Leptospirosis is the most common bacterial infection transmitted from animals to humans, and has been identified by the World Health Organisation as a neglected tropical disease, requiring further research. With global climate change many of these major risk factors are expected to occur with greater frequency and intensity with the two yearly monsoons in Sri Lanka.

Food and water-borne diseases, such as dysentery, viral hepatitis and typhoid, are expected to be affected by the floods, landslides and droughts associated with climate change.

A number of other disorders, such as c, and mental health issues, may be exacerbated by the changing environment.

Climate change is expected to affect nutrition through changes in food production and food security. An integrated approach is needed to minimize the climate change impact on food security.

Strategies initiated due to Climate Change within Sri Lanka

  • Establishing early warning signals for extreme weather events
  • Educate the public on climate change and health issues
  • Develop resources to increase research funding, competitiveness for climate change effects on health and agriculture
  • Explore technology solutions and expand capacity of these technologies

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