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Empowering Exporters to Modernize through Energy Optimization

JLanka Technologies the premier solar power company in Sri Lanka  sponsored the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Primary Industries to empower Sri Lankan Exporters. An awareness program on Modernization as a tool to become export giants was held the 5th of July at the Hotel Galadari with an enthralled audience of Sri Lanka’s diverse community of Exporters.

This event marks the start of a close partnership between JLanka and local export oriented businesses. Empowering the nation for over two decades we have begun to focus on how we can help our local industries and exporters to better realize their potential by empowering them through our various energy solutions.

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We specialize in Energy optimization and can assist local businesses by providing them with solar solutions and by empowering their understanding of energy, its wastage and how energy related costs can be lowered through various means.

In today’s world where we are moving towards renewable energy sources, sustainable development and green living and practices, energy is one of the foremost concerns to ensure a greener tomorrow. The exporters of Sri Lanka take our goods and services to a global platform and JLanka technologies has initiated this path through which it can engage with the exporter community of Sri Lanka.



Modernization of the industry while including various factors, also includes energy optimization as a key indicator. By making products more sustainable, economical and ecofriendly Sri Lankan exporters will have an edge when appearing on global platforms.

We at JLanka are excited about this  patronage, that has begun on such a high note to sustain and empower exporters in Sri Lanka and shows a lot of promise for us to collectively contribute towards our nation’s wellbeing, by ensuring a greener more sustainable future.

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